Privacy Policy

‘Tools for YNAB’ is a companion app to You Need a Budget (YNAB).

‘Tools for YNAB’ stores some of your YNAB data securely on your device. Specifically, ‘Tools for YNAB’ only stores the credentials provided by YNAB when you connect the app with their service, and the names and reference IDs of your budgets, budget accounts, category groups, and categories.

‘Tools for YNAB’ will never pass your data to a third-party without your permission. ‘Tools for YNAB’ will only ever attempt to communicate with YNAB's own servers.

You can at any time delete all data that Tools for YNAB has collected on your device by pressing the ‘Sign out of YNAB’ button in the app's settings page—or by uninstalling the app.

You can revoke ‘Tools for YNAB’s’ access to your YNAB account by going to your YNAB Account Settings and clicking "Revoke".